Pathfinder Dark Sun

If only a sandstorm...


After having convinced a merchant in Tyr to accompany his south-bound trade caravan as hired guards, the group found themselves attacked by a group of gith a few days ride outside of Tyr. In the ensuing fight, the front-right axle of the trade wagon was broken and injuries were sustained (a couple of caravan guards, including 1 rider and crodlu mount, were killed). A solitary gith was brought back from the brink of death by a concerted effort between Kulik-Ja and Kevdak. Upon regaining some semblance of consciousness, the gith began choking out the words “The Builders! The Eye!” before collapsing back into a more stable state of unconsciousness. Binding his hands and placing him in the wagon for further interrogation, the group began to asses the total damage done to the caravan.

Just as the caravan leader, a thri-kreen named Ixit, was beginning to attend to his wounded and dead, the remaining crodlu rider returned with a desert elf offering help. Claiming that he and his group of elven nomads just happened upon the group as they were finishing their defense against the gith, the (apparent) leader surprised the group with a sneak attack and forced the remaining caravan members into another fight against himself and his shifty/stealthy allies. In the initial surprise strike, Ixit took the full brunt of the guerrilla tactics and was left badly wounded. Feeling his life was forfeit, Ixit turned to Kulik-Ja and said, “You are the caravan leader now,” then turned to throw himself into the fray, taking down one of the elven surgical strikers before he was felled by their leader with 2 black-shafted arrows, one to his head and the other to his thorax.

Still reeling from the first attack by the gith, the party found themselves scrambling through exhaustion to form ranks and defend themselves against the elven raiders. To make matters worse, a deadly sandstorm broke over the entire group moments after the elves engaged in combat, plunging the entire fight in a test of martial skill and bare survival tactics against the scathing heat, wind and sands. Having (at least) filter masks to alleviate some of the effects of the sandstorm, the elves kept most of the caravan pinned while the leader set to take out the most formidable threats, Enosh and Geharren.

As the sandstorm grew in intensity, at least one elf snuck around and released the trained cilops pulling the wagon. Bannibelle, having been alerted to the known elf that released the cilops, and knowing that Corthyra was left back at the caravan and potentially defenseless, made her way back to the wagon where she confronted an elf intent on killing the wagon’s 2 occupants. Bringing the hammer down on the elf, Bannibelle herself took substantial damage, but was ultimately successful in saving both Corthyra and the gith.

Sustaining its intensity, the storm continued to play havoc on the group, with only Geharren benefiting from a recovered Filter Mask from a downed elven enemy. Finally taking out the majority of seen elves, only the “leader” seemingly remained. Backed into a corner, but prevented from approaching the wagon any closer, the elven leader felled Geharren after an egregious war of ranged attrition and using the opportunity to run away, disappeared south into the sandstorm.

Stabilizing Geharren, Kulik-Ja calmed the cilopses with Bannibelle’s help, harnessing them back to the wagon. With the remaining survivors huddling to take shelter from the intensity of the storm left standing room only in the wagon. Attempting to construct a make-shift extension of the wagon proved to be too difficult in the destructive storm, leaving everyone alive massed together with no chance for a proper rest.

When we pick up next, everyone will be literally standing in the back of the wagon, with the storm having reached its peak, but currently showing no signs of dying down. You will be able to take a Short Rest to get back Encounter Powers and spend Healing Surges, but no Extended Rest will be possible (i.e., no Daily Powers back and no full recovery of spent Healing Surges).

A hard day's earnings


Enosh (Rich) had been tasked by his commander, Davnan, with investigating an increase of raids on caravans leaving from and arriving to the city of Tyr. What made this worth looking in to more than the usual occurrences of raiders is that the bandits were gith apparently led by a halfling defiler. Bearing letters of marks as initial contracts, Enosh gathered Kulik-Ja (Shawn), a thri-kreen wasteland guide, Geharren (Aaron), his half-giant companion and part-time translator, and Banibelle (Sarah), a halfling recovered from the gladiator arena, meant to serve as a “cultural attache” in helping to ferret out the halfling defiler leading these attacks. They are joined by the dwarf, Kevdak, and his pregnant human wife, Corthyra. Having talked/bullied their way out of an impending confrontation with the pit master, Val’laruuk, for winning 400 gp in the fight that secured Banibelle’s freedom, the party now finds itself gathered at the main gates of the city, ready to…


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