Pathfinder Dark Sun

A hard day's earnings


Enosh (Rich) had been tasked by his commander, Davnan, with investigating an increase of raids on caravans leaving from and arriving to the city of Tyr. What made this worth looking in to more than the usual occurrences of raiders is that the bandits were gith apparently led by a halfling defiler. Bearing letters of marks as initial contracts, Enosh gathered Kulik-Ja (Shawn), a thri-kreen wasteland guide, Geharren (Aaron), his half-giant companion and part-time translator, and Banibelle (Sarah), a halfling recovered from the gladiator arena, meant to serve as a “cultural attache” in helping to ferret out the halfling defiler leading these attacks. They are joined by the dwarf, Kevdak, and his pregnant human wife, Corthyra. Having talked/bullied their way out of an impending confrontation with the pit master, Val’laruuk, for winning 400 gp in the fight that secured Banibelle’s freedom, the party now finds itself gathered at the main gates of the city, ready to…



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